Creative Experience Activities For Older Children

Let’s look at a number of creative experiences that are good for older children.

It is not easy to specify concretely the starting point of pre-adolescence (preadolescence). In fact, this is because psychological maturity varies from person to person. There is no exact age at which pre-adolescents begin, but it usually occurs between the ages of 10 and 13.

New physiological and psychological developments that occur during pre-adolescence trigger changes in behavior and personality. This period is a very important stage before entering adolescence and symbolizes the end of childhood. It is also an intermediate stage and a period full of confusion and discovery.

The characteristics of pre-teens are as follows.

  • Children of pre-millennials still have childhood behaviors. Meanwhile, they cultivate and test their autonomy, which becomes prominent in adolescence.
  • From a psychological point of view, older children go through the process of finding their own selves in the beginning of their social relationship .
  • As children in older grades develop a desire for autonomy, they begin to consider meaningful others other than their families. In childhood, the family is in the inner core of the child’s relationship, and the family instills all values ​​into the child. But now, as children get closer to adolescence, they seek out other meaningful others.
  • You will also experience changes in your body.

Creative Experience Activities For Older Children

When choosing a creative experiential activity for older children, consider the changes mentioned above and choose activities with the following characteristics:

  • Activities to develop social communication skills
  • Activities that help develop personality and personality
  • Activities to learn the values ​​you need in adolescence and adulthood
  • Activities that help develop physical and mental self-awareness
  • Activities that do not affect the child’s life

Now it’s time to look at specific activities.

Team Sports

Younger Children Can Benefit From Playing Team Sports, Including Physical Activity .

  • Relieve stress .
  • Understand how to define rules and limits .
  • Learn to respect the rules.
  • Get to know your body.
  • Self-esteem increases as you feel your own development.
  • Learn to cooperate with others in the process of achieving common goals.

Enjoying team sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball as creative experiential activities is good for the child’s social development. Of course, exercise that you can do alone has many advantages . Martial arts such as Taekwondo and Hapkido, gymnastics, and athletics are recommended.

Intellectual Activity

If your child doesn’t like sports or sports, what about intellectual and creative experiential activities that are also very helpful in the short and long term?

  • Chess or go
  • Learn language
  • Reading program
  • Computer engineering programs such as coding
  • Robot classroom

These activities promote intellectual development. Since older children are in the process of getting to know themselves through social interaction, it is recommended that they develop their intellectual function through activities with their peers and colleagues.

Art Activities For Older Children

Art activities promote a child’s creativity and creativity.

In addition to the physical and intellectual abilities, there is another intelligence that we do not illuminate well. As artistic intelligence, in a world dominated by results and benefits, we often forget the advantages of art. Let older children experience various activities that will help them develop their artistic skills.

Art provides health benefits in many ways. Through art, emotions are expressed, they can get to know the self better, and the child’s expressive, imagination, and creativity are enhanced.

The Recommended Creative Experience Activities Related To Art Are As Follows.

  • ceramics
  • Painting
  • Creative writing
  • piece
  • theater
  • Handicraft
  • Sewing and sewing
  • Cooking

Artistic Activities Promote The Growth Of Older Children In The Following Ways:

    • It helps relieve stress through expression.
    • Promote self-esteem.
    • Develop sensitivity.
    • Concentration improves.
  • You can cultivate self-awareness through artistic expression.