Tips to change from perfect parent to a good parent

Tips to change from perfect parent to a good parent


Parenting is a word that has a deep meaning in every aspect nanit plus baby monitor. Peripherally looking, it is just taking care of your child from the day he or she was born till your death. Sleepless Nights which you have passed through without realizing why the child was crying for? Do you think parenthood ends at one point in life and you can leave carefree? Once you are a parent, always a parent. Only the responsibilities vary from day-to-day month to month and ear to ear. Whatever is it, as a parent you never want to miss anything that is to be given to your child. while surfing online I came across a parenting app which offers some tricks and tips which help me e to keep myself in order with my parenthood. Let me tell you first this does not offer a solution for Being a perfect parent. This is all about how to become a good parent.

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Do not try to curb their freedom


Children long for independence.  They grow up to become individual adults. In this process nanit plus review, trial and error cannot be parted. No child has ever learned to walk without tumbling down. Give them the freedom in doing these day-to-day tasks. It helps them to imbibe a sort of self-esteem in their life thereby reaching great heights in future.


Never set rules for them


 Children cannot be programmed like a robot. You cannot make them do what you want and what you desire. They are not open vessels where you can pour out all your rules and make them fill with your theories. Do not pick up on trivial things instead focus on the really serious matter. If you want your child to obey set the rules together.


 Do not fight in front of children


Respect your spouse. Once you start criticizing and arguing against each other, the child loses the sense of security and their mind will get hurt easily. They should never feel that a home is a place where my mother and father fight .it is through you that the child should learn what a wife and husband relationship looks like.

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Teach them to say No


There might be situations in life, at home, at school, at a playground, and in public places where a child needs to say no this helps the child to take strong decisions in the future without any bias they should never feel that saying no will make them feel less. But it’s often noticed that children becoming vulnerable when they mix with peers. It is the mother’s duty to make them understand that friends are not life.


Teach them to be social


I always get embarrassed seeing kids who hide behind their parents whenever someone visits them. This makes the child an introvert .When they grow up they fail to mingle with others and that may result in being anti-social. known or unknown if you welcome a guest at home teach the art of conversation to the child. This will help them built good relations in future.